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Usual tables may look a bit tacky and out of place, so we designed the Bounce series tables. You no longer need to stash your table away in the basement. Have loads of fun whilst knowing your table looks good... really, really good.

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Bounce 25


Exceeded my expectations

It's a very high-quality table, I love it. Not the cheapest TT table but great value for money.
Assembly took us a bit more than suggested but once assembled the playing experience was great. Overall, better than expected.

C Anderson

Bounce 18


Fantastic product

This is a fantastic table tennis table. It looks great, excellent quality and looks great. It was quite heavy though when contained in the delivery box,but once assembled it was easy to move around and fold. Straightforward to assemble, just took us 20 minutes. You will need two people to do the job. I would definitely recommend this table

Mike Taylor

No surprises

Before your purchase you can see how the table tennis table will look and fit into your place. With our 3D Augmented Reality(or AR) functionality, you can view 3D tables in your room of choice. Forget about measuring dimensions, all you need is your mobile phone.

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