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    Bounce Series Tables

    The dimensions and weight vary depending on the table model:

    Bounce 25 - Indoor

    Packaging dimensions: 162cm*146cm*18cm

    Gross weight: 140kg

    Bounce 18 - Indoor

    Packaging dimensions: 162cm*146cm*17cm

    Gross weight: 100kg

    Bounce 16 - Indoor

    Packaging dimensions: 162cm*146cm*16cm

    Gross weight: 83kg

    Bounce 06 - Outdoor

    Packaging dimensions: 162cm*146cm*13cm

    Gross weight: 85kg

    Bounce 04 - Outdoor

    Packaging dimensions: 162cm*146cm*13cm

    Gross weight: 74kg

    The dimensions of the assembled tables are: 274cm*152.5cm*76cm.

    No, you wouldn't be able to adjust the height of the table.
    The table stands at 76 cm tall.

    Yes, each half of the table is a separate individual part.

    No, they don't drift apart. After bringing the two halves together, push down the eight wheel locks to prevent the halves from rolling. This will hold them in place and together.

    It takes between two and five minute and it can be easily done by just one person. Super simple!

    Yes, each model in the Bounce series has a one person playback position. You just fold up the other half of table up and that becomes the "wall" you practice against. It's very very easy to set up.

    Shipping and Delivery

    Table shipping 

    2-man van service: FREE

    Non-table orders:

    Standard Delivery (2-4 business days): FREE shipping for orders more than £45. Rest of the orders £4.50

    Next Day Delivery: £8 (available before 12pm, Monday–Thursday)

    No, at the moment we ship only within the UK.

    We ship non-table orders to all areas in the UK, but there are certain restrictions for table order.

    Fireblade does not deliver tables to all areas in the UK. The following areas are ineligible for table delivery: Highlands, Northern Ireland Falkland Islands, Channel Islands, Gibraltar and Isle of Wight.