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    Bounce 06 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

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    Bounce 06 weather-resistant table tennis table

    Summertime. Family and friends. 30 degrees. BBQ. Drinks. It sounds great, right? Well... great but not perfect. Add an outdoor table tennis table... Now it's perfect! The Bounce 06 is exactly what you need to make the most of the summer, sunny days, and outdoor parties with the peace of mind that your table will not be damaged. Water, wind, rain, sun, cold, or even spilled drinks won't harm it. 

    Perfect for: multitudinous outdoor gatherings, BBQs, and parties.

    Setup is a breeze

    The Bounce tables are 95% pre-assembled when delivered. It takes just 30 minutes or less with two people. All pieces come assembled, except for the four legs with wheels and the net. The setup is really simple. Even kids can do it.

    Outside or inside?

    Actually, you don't need to pick. This outdoor table tennis table plays as well as an indoor table. Just fold it up and roll it wherever you want to play. Folding it takes no more than 5 minutes!

    Does it fit in my place?

    Before your purchase you can see how the table tennis table will look and fit into your place. With our 3D Augmented Reality (or AR) functionality, you can view 3D tables in your room of choice. Forget about measuring dimensions, all you need is your mobile phone! Check out the AR functionality.

      • 6mm Alu / PI weatherproof tabletop
      • Sirius Plus net set.
      • 4 built-in levelers provide a perfectly calibrated level playing surface
      • 1-player solo practice is possible by folding up one side
      • 75mm lockable wheels
      • 4 built-in levelers provide a perfectly calibrated level playing surface

    Customer Reviews

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    Mr. N. Atkinson
    First class outdoor table

    Highly recommended. Assembly was very easy and the result was brilliant. A shame that it doesn't come with its own cover though.