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    3D Augmented Reality - Table Visualisation

    No surprises

    You no longer need to cross your fingers and hope that your new table will fit into your room. Before placing your order, you can see how the table will look and fit into your room of choice.

    Forget about the hassle of measuring room dimensions. We just wanted to make it easier for you, so we added this amasing AR (Augmented Reality) functionality to our store. You can now make all the checks just using your mobile phone! 

    The 3D model in the AR platform reflects the actual size of any assembled Bounce Series table. The thickness difference between certain parts of each Bounce Series table model doesn't affect the overall dimensions of any Bounce Series table when assembled. 


    IMPORTANT NOTE: this functionality is only available on mobile phones. This means that you will not be able to use it if you are on your desktop. If this is the case, just browse this page from your mobile phone and enjoy this functionality.


    1. Get into the room where you are planning to place the table tennis table.

    2. Tap on the 3D model of the table tennis table you would like to visualise (i.e. blue top or black top table).

    3. Tap the grey button ('View in your space') displayed just below the 3D model image you selected.

    4. This will activate your mobile camera and some instructions will pop up on your screen asking you to move your phone around the room. 

    5. After a few seconds, a virtual table will show up on your mobile screen.

    6. Use one to move the table around the room or two fingers to turn it around.

    7. Once the table is located in the desired position, walk around the virtual table to check that it fits and that there's enough space for the players.

    In the video above you will see a short demonstration of the Augmented Reality functionality in action. Check it out! 


    Important note: In the same manner you can zoom in and out images, you can either increase or reduce the size of the 3D model if you place two fingers (ex thumb and forefinger) on your phone display and spread the fingers apart while touching the display. When checking whether the table fits into your room of choice, make sure that you don't increase or reduce the size of the 3D model. If you change the size, the model won't reflect the actual size of the table.