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    Bounce 25 Indoor Table Tennis Table

    Bounce 25 table tennis table

    Do you take table tennis very seriously? Is your family super energetic and competitive? Well... it sounds like Bounce 25 is the perfect table for you. This table is perfect for table tennis clubs, or serious competitors. The Bounce 25 is the most robust table of the Bounce family. Pretty much indestructible. Complying with professional competition standards, this tournament-level table has been designed for the fiercest table tennis battles.

    Perfect for: table tennis clubs and serious competitors.

    Setup is a breeze

    The Bounce tables are 95% pre-assembled when delivered. It takes just 30 minutes or less with two people. All pieces come assembled, except for the four legs with wheels and the net. The setup is really simple. Even kids can do it.

    Space saver

    The Bounce tables look so stunning that you may wish to keep them displayed in your room. But if you need the space for other uses, just fold it up and roll it off to the side of the room. Folding it takes no more than 5 minutes!

    Does it fit in my place?

    Before your purchase you can see how the table tennis table will look and fit into your place. With our 3D Augmented Reality (or AR) functionality, you can view 3D tables in your room of choice. Forget about measuring dimensions, all you need is your mobile phone! Check out the AR functionality.

      • The thick 25-mm tabletop provides a perfectly consistent bounce, without dead spots.
      • Sirius Plus net set.
      • 4 built-in levelers provide a perfectly calibrated level playing surface
      • Storage for 8 balls and 2 bats per side
      • 1-player solo practice is possible by folding up one side
      • 100-mm lockable wheels

    Customer Reviews

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    Must have - hours of fun guaranteed

    Great addition to our home. It was delivered on Friday and we've been playing all weekend non-stop Highly recommended, can't go wrong.