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    Move Series Inspiration

    The weapon you need to win your matches

    You know how quickly a nice and friendly table tennis match against your brother, friend or or boss can turn into the most savage battle ... And you also know that these are the moments when you need the best weapon possible in your hand. A weapon that can give you that extra spin, power and control. Something to strike fear into the hearts of your opponent. We understand... we've been there too. That is why the Move Series bats were inspired by two Japanese swords: Shinai and Ninjato

    Why the Shinai and Ninjato swords?

    The Shinai sword is a bamboo weapon developed in Japan in an effort to reduce the number of practitioners being seriously injured during practice, making a practice weapon that was less dangerous. In a similar way, we designed the Shinai bat for beginners. It provides great spin and control to enable beginers to properly learn each of the table tennis strokes before they move to the next level.

    The Ninjato is allegedly the preferred weapon that the ninja of feudal Japan carried. It is portrayed by modern ninjutsu practitioners as the weapon of the ninja. We designed the Ninjato bat for players who are already confident with the basic table tennis strokes. The great amount of spin and power will help you become a table tennis ninja in no time.