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    Move Series Bats

    Unleash your true potential. Become a damn good player.

    We all know that your skills and how much you practice are key elements in your development as a table tennis player. But something that tends to be ignored is that playing with a low quality bat will not enable you to realise your potential as a player. You will speed up your development with a bat that can generate the spin and speed that your shots require.

    Does it sound familiar? Then you need to change your bat.

    The perfect mates for beginners and intermediate players
    Spin... that is what you need when you are just starting or stepping-up your game... And the Shinai and Ninjato bats are all about spin. Shinai was designed to also offer great control. This is key for beginners to learn the basic strokes and develop confidence. Ninjato on the other hand was inspired by intermediate players who already mastered the basic strokes. It offers much more speed without significantly compromising on control.

    Pre-assembled bats that play like custom bats
    You don’t to waste time scratching your head and googling the right components to build a custom bat. We’ve already done it for you! Our experts have selected the best combination of high quality blades and rubbers for beginners and intermediate players.

    Approved rubbers
    The rubbers you will find on the Ninjato and Shinai bats have been approved by the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation). This means not only that they are damn good rubbers, but also that you will be allowed to play ITTF tournaments.

    As wood as gold
    Move Series bats are made of only quality woods. A Kiri wood core covered by Ayous wood. Kiri is a light weight, soft but tight and stiff wood. Ayous is an elastic African wood that gives a nice bounce effect. The Ninjato blade also includes two layers of carbon fibre, which makes it faster.

    Free case
    Good bat deserves good care
    Protection is really important if you want to keep your bat undamaged, clean and dry. You don’t need to worry about that. We have done it for you. When you purchase any Move Series bat you get a FREE premium bat case.

    Rated excellent by you
    Products and service you can trust - just ask our customers.


    “As a newcomer to playing table tennis I wasn't sure which bat to purchase. I am very pleased with my purchase and have received many favourable comments from other club members. I would definitely recommend this bat.”
    Caroline (Amazon UK)


    “I am far from a professional table tennis player but have started playing weekly. Since purchased this bat I have improved immensely and my opponents are in envy of the spin and control it gives.”

    Mr. K. J. (Amazon UK)

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    Bat return shipping from anywhere in the UK is always FREE. If you are not 100% satisfied with any bat purchase from FIREBLADE - no catches or exceptions!

    Get it right from the outset.
    Learn the basic strokes properly. Don’t waste the opportunity to discover your real potential as a table tennis player.