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    The Christmas present that will be loved by your family. And your friends. And your neighbours. And... well, just about everyone!
    Christmas is approaching. Magic is in the air. But you know you’re faced with the challenge of keeping your family entertained for (endless) days. With the spirit of Christmas in the air, there are quite a few fun and magical activities for your family... But eventually you’ll run out of these engaging activities. Don’t worry. No need to panic. We’ve got the answer/ All you need is a table tennis table, some bats and some balls. Bring your family together with endless hours of fun!

    Everyone will play! Table tennis is a completely inclusive activity.

    Order now and get it before Christmas

    Shipping during the Christmas season is a nightmare. Don't get left empty-handed due to shipping delays! If you want to get your order before Christmas, place your order by the following dates:
  • Tables: 15th December
  • Other items: 20th December

  • Tables
    Bounce Series Tables
    The Bounce Series tables are a smash for great design. Versatile foldable table tennis tables manufactured with the highest quality materials. . The space saving design significantly reduces the storage space when not in use and strong metal lockable wheels to effortlessly move the table. Bounce Series tables come in an indoor and an outdoor version.

    Move Series bats
    Spin... that is what you need when you are just starting or stepping-up your game... And the Shinai and Ninjato bats are all about spin. Shinai was designed to also offer great control. Ninjato on the other hand offers much more speed without significantly compromising on control.

    Fireblade table tennis balls
    These perfectly round 40+ table tennis balls are regulation size 40mm and are the same thickness on all sides, creating a very consistent bounce. This is the new generation of table tennis balls, made of ABS plastic. They are highly uniform and provide stable rotation, speed, and balance.

    Rated excellent by you
    Products and service you can trust - just ask our customers.


    “As a newcomer to playing table tennis I wasn't sure which bat to purchase. I am very pleased with my purchase and have received many favourable comments from other club members. I would definitely recommend this bat.”


    “I am far from a professional table tennis player but have started playing weekly. Since purchased this bat I have improved immensely and my opponents are in envy of the spin and control it gives.”
    Mr. K. J.

    Shipping and table assembling service

    Free shipping
    You get FREE standard shipping on orders over £45. If you want to get your order before Christmas, place your order by the following dates: - Tables: 15yh December - Other items: 20th December
    Assembling service
    If following instructions is not your thing, we can take it over for an additional charge (£120). The same team who will deliver your table will also assemble it. So by the time they leave your table will be up and ready for your first match.

    Make this the most fun festive season ever!
    Now that your favourite time of the year is finally here, don't squander it! Make the most of the festive season. Bring your family together. Make them happy. Get them to play table tennis!