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    Bounce Series Tables

    The table that is 95% pre-assembled when you unpack it... Yeah, really.
    Just 30 minutes from delivery to playing! We designed this table in a way that it is almost assembled when we pack it. You just need to put some crews and bolts here and there, set up the net and you are ready to go.

    Worry about beating your opponent, not about your table.

    Unpack it. Assemble it. Play it.
    It has never been easier to assemble a table tennis table. Thirty minutes. Two people. One tool... that’s all you need to get loads of fun.

    Water-resistant top
    Splashes? Pffft.
    The aluminum-plastic top makes the Bounce 06 and Bounce 04 100% weather-resistant.

    Heavy duty wheels
    Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ rollin’
    Move your table around with no effort. The Bounce Series tables feature eight strong lockable wheels that will allow you to effortlessly move your table.

    Ball and bat storage
    Match must go on
    Never again interrupt a match to run after balls. The indoor tables of the Bounce Series feature storage compartments on each side of the table where you can fit up to eight balls per side..

    No surprises
    Before your purchase you can see how the table tennis table will look and fit into your place. With our 3D app, you can view 3D tables in the room of choice. Forget about measuring dimensions, you just need your mobile phone.

    We know... Large and heavy tables could be an issue... But not with us.