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    Ninjato Carbon Table Tennis Bat with Free Case

    • The Fireblade Ninjato is an amasing 'carbon' table tennis bat for intermediate players who already mastered the four basic strokes and want to go further. Its blade has two layers of carbon fibre plies which will provide consistent powerful attacks and and the AK47 rubbers will boost spin.

      Fine-tune your skills

      The Fireblade Ninjato table tennis bat is the best table tennis bat if you already got the basics of table tennis and are ready to move into a more offensive style. The majority of top attacking players these days use carbon blades, so if you have a good level of control over the ball and its spin then this carbon bat is your next step.

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    The perfect bat for offensive players

    If attacking is your thing, you have already mastered the four basing strokes and you you are looking for a more serious table tennis bat to boost power, precision and speed, the Fireblade Ninjato table tennis bat is the perfect mate for this exciting journey you are about to start!

    Free premium bat case

    Not protecting your bat when you are not playing is one of the main causes of bat damage. But don't worry about that ... if you buy a Ninjato now, we will give away a completely FREE premium hard case to protect your bat when you are not playing!