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    Sirius Plus Table Tennis Net and Post Set

    Sirius Plus Net and Post Set

    The Sirius Plus table tennis net and post set is the top-end Fireblade set, which features a combination of beautiful design, durable and solid metal posts made from highest-quality materials complemented with a premium Fireblade net made from a blend of high-quality polyethylene and polyester fibre.

    The Sirius Plus set also features a strong clamp and screw system that gives guaranteed stability throughout games. The sturdy posts attach to the table by clamping down firmly on the table surface and screwing them tight to prevent any displacement. The clamps are built with rubber pad protectors that provide great grip and avoid any scratches or damage on the surface of the table.

    This set is built with a net tension adjustment mechanism to make sure that the net is tight and does not sag in the middle. It also features a height adjustment system, combined with a height measuring gauge (which is also included in this set), which will allow you to adjust the net to the correct height.

      • High-quality metal posts
      • Premium polyethylene and polyester fibre net
      • Clamp and screw system
      • Adjustable net tension and heigh
      • Rubber pad protectors